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You pay when you reach usage milestones. See Pricing for details.

This powerful tool will not only track where your leads are coming from but it will also help you to manage your sales pipeline, workflow and monitor your Return on investment in real time!

What if you knew how many sales you made from the newspaper ad?
What if you knew how many sales you generated from your website?
What if you new how many sales you made from the trade show or from your fair booth?

What if you could then associate your costs to your sales and actually see your Return on investment. Then you can make some real business decisions on where to spend your marketing budget to increase your margins and control your flow of business.

We can help you solve problems or answer questions like:

Where should I be advertising my business?
Is this a good promotion to be running?
Are my sales people following up on leads?
What is my closing ratio on my website?

We have the answers!

Now your are truly in control

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Increase Lead Conversion

By tracking the status of your leads in the system and keep detailed notes leads no longer will get lost. Reminders can be set and emailed based on lead milestones and reminders to call customers back. Lead will no longer get lost so no opportunity will be missed.

Track Every Source

With the ability to track every source whether that is your website, newspaper ads, flyers or your store front, You can take your costs and associate it to your return to determine your Retrun on investment. This is essential to allocating your resources to tasks that generate the most ROI

Monitor your closing rate

You will be able to see your closing rate across all your leads and determine where in your buying cycle you can find improvement. You can see your lead to appointment rate, Your lead to estimate rate, Your lead to closed business rate. All will help you to see results and provide insight into how your business is functioning.

Running Like a Well Oil Machine

With all this new data you will be able to get your business running in top shape. You will always find room for improvement but the reality is you will not close every lead but what you can do is getting better at managing your customers and your prospects to increase your productivity on all fronts.


This software has been part of the solution for many business to help them turn the corner. To help them really take advantage of the digital age.

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Registration is free, Its free to setup, All costs are associated to the data that we collect and manage for you. You may use 100% of the software for Free for up to 10 leads per month. Once you exceed this the pricing model is very simple. Between 10 and 100 leads managed you pay a flat rate of $99 between 101 and 200 its a additional $99 and so on.

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Spark Lead Management solution.

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